Zamalek today explains to you the truth of what was said yesterday about Bin Sharqi’s signature of Al-Ahly

 Zamalek today explains to you the truth of what was said yesterday about Bin Sharqi’s signature of Al-Ahly

News appeared yesterday about the signing of Ashraf Bin Sharqi, the team's player, with Al-Ahly Club.

The news was published on the page of journalist Alaa Ezzat, who belongs to Al-Ahly Club, and was published and shared on the page of Amr Al-Dardir, the club’s official spokesman.

Where Alaa Ezzat's page published a fabricated picture of Laban Sharqi, and Bin Sharqi commented on it in Al-Ahly next season, to create a state of confusion in this matter, and unfortunately, the news was published by senior journalists.

We assure you that Alaa Ezzat's page was hacked some time ago by unknown persons, and he himself announced this matter before, and that this page is not his page now.

Also, the page attributed to Amr Al-Dardir, which published the news, is not his page in the first place, and the whole purpose is just to create confusion and nothing more.

We assure you that this news is not true, and we ask everyone before publishing a news like this to verify the same source.

The Zamalek player is sad not to participate:

Mohamed Ashraf Roqa, the club's first football team player, expressed his sadness for not participating with the team during the last period.

Where the player feels that he is out of the accounts recently, because of his lack of participation, which made him feel sad.

Roqa, in an interview with close people, believes that if the situation continues, he would prefer to go out on loan next January to any club.

Where he wants to participate in the matches, and not sit back any longer.

It is noteworthy that, as we told you yesterday, there is a thought from Carteron to gradually advance specifically in the matches during the coming period.

Mohamed Ashraf Roqa's contract expires with Zamalek at the end of this season, amid the lack of talk so far to renew his contract.

And the word remains: Basically, there is no room for any player to leave in January, as everyone knows because of the registration crisis.