Imad Miteb: A senior official in Al-Ahly asked the channels to attack me

 Imad Miteb: A senior official in Al-Ahly asked the channels to attack me

Imad Miteb, the former Al-Ahly player and the current sports analyst on Ontime Sport channel, revealed a big surprise because of the talk about Musimani, the coach of Al-Ahly, after the summit match.

Imad Miteb said on Al-Nahar channel with the media, Tamer Amin, in his televised statements:

There is a senior official in Al-Ahly. He called the channel on which he works to complain about me because it would attack me because I spoke to Musimani after the top match, and he told them how to allow Emad Miteb to attack Musimani.

He explained: I also learned that he spoke to more than one channel to attack me in their programs because of my criticism of my seasons.

By saying it is a shame that you work with me like this, and I have been raised all my life in Al-Ahly Club, and I only speak for the benefit of Al-Ahly, and I will not be silent, and this is not the first time that you happen with me and he incites people against me.

Emad Miteb had criticized Musimani for retreating against Zamalek in the second half and not continuing to pressure Al-Abyad to score more goals.

Zamalek responded to what was raised about the statements of Mohamed Adel, the referee of the summit meeting:

A source from within the Zamalek club revealed the club's position on the rumors that were raised about the statements of the referee of the summit meeting, Mohamed Adel.

Zamalek club, and on the lips of Tariq Jibril, the club’s treasurer, said, “I was surprised by this unjustified noise, because of what was said by the referee of the summit, Mohamed Adel.

Tariq Jibril asked if the referee of the meeting complimented the Zamalek club in anything, I do not believe in the testimony of everyone.

Then he asked another question, which is how will the team win the match, and two penalty kicks are calculated for it, and he talks about being wronged.

He continued: The referee was good, he and the entire refereeing staff, and any mistakes by him did not affect the outcome of the meeting.

Watm: There is a kind of strange trolling for him and his speech. The man means and stresses the inevitability of making sound decisions, so that the meeting does not become tense and nothing happens that disturbs the peace.

These statements were made today by the referee, Muhammad Adel, who said that after Al-Ahly’s third goal, he spoke with his assistants, through the headphones, and demanded that they calm down and try to cross the meeting.

He stressed that he feels that the meeting is tense, and that any crises may occur, so he spoke with an assistant, asking for the situation to be contained.