Amr Al-Dardir reveals a new file about Bin Sharqi

 Amr Al-Dardir reveals a new file about Bin Sharqi

Amr Al-Dardir, the club’s official spokesman, revealed the current situation regarding the Moroccan team player, Ashraf Ben Sharqi.

Bin Sharqi, whose contract with Zamalek expires at the end of the current season, amid an effort by the administration to renew the contract with him.

In a press statement to him, Al-Dardiri said: Ben Sharqi is an important player and a great value within the Zamalek club, and his renewal is an important matter.

He explained: A strong presentation has been prepared for him, in which there is a approximate agreement on the points of contention, and we are waiting for his return from Morocco to resolve this matter.

He added: I feel a state of optimism in this file, and the player is popularly loved, and the fans are waiting for this file to be resolved.

Does Al-Ahly intend to escalate against Mohamed Adel?

A source from within the Al-Ahly club revealed, in statements to him, the anger of the Al-Ahmar administration at the statements of referee Mohamed Adel, who ruled the summit meeting between the two poles.

These statements were made today by the referee, Muhammad Adel, who said that after Al-Ahly’s third goal, he spoke with his assistants, through the headphones, and demanded that they calm down and try to cross the meeting.

He stressed that he feels that the meeting is tense, and that any crises may occur, so he spoke with an assistant, asking for the situation to be contained.

Al-Ahly considered these statements unacceptable, and stressed that the Al-Ahmar administration is studying the picture in all its dimensions to take what is in the interest of Al-Ahly.

Al-Ahly affirmed its confidence in the Egyptian arbitration, but it wants an official clarification on these decisions before taking any official position.