Special: Carteron is considering pushing this player into position No. 10

Special: Carteron is considering pushing this player into position No. 10

Our sources learned that the French coach, Patrice Carteron, is considering relying on Mostafa Fathi, the team's player, in an important way in the next stage.

Mustafa Fathi, who came down in the second half in the last summit meeting, and made Zamalek regain its level somewhat and appear in a different way from the first half.

The reason for not relying on Mustafa Fathi is that his main position is played by Ahmed Sayed Zizou, but Cartieron may change Mustafa Fathi's position.

Where Carteron is studying pushing Mustafa Fathy in No. 10, and Obama's place is the team's playmaker.

Carteron believes that Obama needs some rest, in addition to a number of pressures that are currently falling on him, so he is considering his relief.

Shikabala supports the Tunisian:

Mahmoud Abdel Razek Shikabala, player of the first football team in the club, and one of the captains of the team, was keen to support Hamza Mathlouthi, right back of the team.

Mathlouthi, who appeared at a weak level in the last summit match, and received a great attack from the Zamalek fans, as some considered him a major reason for the loss.

Shikabala, as part of his support for the players, spoke with the Tunisian, and asked him to forget about this meeting with all its negatives.

He asked him to return to the level we knew about before the summit meeting, and to prove to everyone as it was proven before that he is a distinguished player.

Shikabala assured Hamza Mathlouthi that the entire team was in an abnormal state, and everyone was involved in what happened, and that he could not bear the result alone.

Shikabala asked him to close this page, focus on what is to come, and do his best in the future.