Despite the vacation: The Zamalek player is in the club to go to training

 Despite the vacation: The Zamalek player is in the club to go to training

Tariq Hamed, midfielder for the first football team in Zamalek, was keen to be present at the White Castle headquarters this evening, Monday, for some training in the gym.

The security of the Zamalek club was surprised when Tariq Hamed's car entered despite the team's rest, so the player went to the club's gym for additional training.

Tariq Hamed seeks to maintain his physical fitness during the individual additional exercises he performed in the gym, in light of the team's negative rest.

And the French coach, Patrice Carteron, the coach of the first football team, decided to give the players a rest for 6 days after the top match against Al-Ahly in the General League.

The rest came due to the suspension of the league for the national team to play the matches of Angola and Gabon in the qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup.

With these words: Mahmoud Al-Assal sends a message to the Minister:

Mahmoud Al-Assal, the former legal advisor to the Zamalek Club and one of those close to Mortada Mansour Al-Mujamed, sent his council a letter to Dr. Ashraf Sobhy, Minister of Youth and Sports.

This message is about the necessity of adhering to and implementing the provisions of the judiciary, reminding the minister that he must respect the provisions of the judiciary and the law, as he always repeats.

This came after the statement issued by the ministry a while ago, which indicates that the ministry is quietly studying the ruling in favor of Mortada Mansour until it takes the right decision in the interest of the club.

On his personal page on the social networking site Facebook, Mahmoud Al-Assal wrote:

With my respect and appreciation to Dr. Ashraf Sobhy, Minister of Youth and Sports.

When I was stopped and excluded from the Zamalek Council, you were holding fast to the law and repeating the saying that the public money and the law are preserved, and we are a state of law, and accordingly, the Zamalek Council withdrew quietly.

And when the law said its word and a judicial ruling was issued to return the Zamalek Council, it did not move a finger, and the ruling was not implemented so far, and the Zamalek club became suffering from a sporting and social imbalance that it had not witnessed in its history.

He continued: Mr. Minister, I will repeat your statement that Egypt is a state of law and institutions.

But I remind you that Egypt is a state of rights and freedoms, and that Egypt launched the greatest strategy for human rights.

Your Excellency, the Minister has the right to be followed within the framework of the law and its implementation and implementation of its provisions and does not need statements or pledges. Your Excellency's decision was issued in violation of the law and caused this violent tremor in the Zamalek Club.