An official statement from the Ismaili Club

 An official statement from the Ismaili Club

Al-Ismaili Club issued an official statement, explaining the latest developments in the file of the new technical director of the team, who will lead the team to succeed Talaat Youssef.

The statement at the beginning stressed his respect for Captain Hamza Al-Jamal, one of the club's loyal sons, who was announced assuming the task and then the decision was reversed.

The statement clarified that the file of the technical director is still open, and that the administration is now searching for the name who will lead the team in the next stage.

Al-Ismaili, in his statement, confirmed that any technical director chosen, whether foreign or local, never underestimates the value of Hamza El-Gamal, which the Ismaili administration declined to take responsibility.

All rumors point to the agreement of Ismaili officials with the Brazilian Jorvan Vieira, the former technical director of the owner and Ismaili.

Ismaily suffered 3 consecutive losses, in the first 3 matches in the General League, which made the situation there tense.

Because of Abu Trika: Amr Adib attacks the Al-Ahly administration:

Media Amr Adib was keen to criticize the official page of the Al-Ahly club and the official website officials for congratulating Mohamed Abu Trika, the former Al-Ahmar player, on the occasion of his birthday.

Amr Adib said on his TV program on the ON channel, the Hekaya program:

Yesterday, it was the birthday of Captain Mohamed Abu Trika.. People congratulated him. I said that the fans are walking and it happens.. But when the official Al-Ahly club page downloads an official congratulations to Mohamed Abu Trika and ignores the ruling against him.

Here I must stop and I say it and run it to God. The question is whether Al-Ahly’s administration headed by Al-Khatib respects the rulings of the Egyptian judiciary.. He is like a player in my eyes and my head, but this person is on the banned lists, how does a state-affiliated institution come to him? Congratulate someone who understands me!

 And whoever intends to tell me, I take the story, Zamalek and my family, by saying never, by God, I am speaking because of Egypt, my country and my country.